Attractions of Thailand


Thailand is considered a tropical country, which means it stands on a delicate scale between unbearable heat that’ll make you wish portable air conditioning was invented and temperatures cold enough to make you grab onto a jacket; September is the month of moderate raining. Meanwhile all the beach lovers aim to go around March and June. But those who prefer to backpack across the country and visit temples tend to arrive around November or February; these months are not as hot when compared to the others.

The centre of activity in Thailand can be found in Bangkok, you can see everything here, it’s the most developed part of the country but it still retained its culture and untainted beauty. There no real escape from traffic since over 11 million people resides here. Keep in mind that you can cut through or avoid the said traffic if they find just the right kind of vehicle. Although if you’re thinking about renting a motorbike, be extremely careful; motorbikes are one of the highest causes of road accidents. Click here to get into some details.

We suggest that you visit one of Bangkok’s most popular tourist attractions, the Grand Palace. So what is the Grand Palace? It’s the residence of King Rama IX, a monarch considered as the longest serving one alive, his service began way back in 1950. It also hosts the Temple of the Emerald Buddha; heads up though, the Emerald Buddha is actually made from Jade and coated with golden dressings. All around the temples, you’ll be able to see mythical creatures and deities in the Buddhist religion decorated with gold plated leaves. You can also learn more about Thailand by checking out the post at

To be exact, you can find the Grand Palace in the banks of a river called Chao Phraya. This particular river runs in the centre of the city; you can even rent a boat to go along the river and see much more attractions all at once. Some of these attractions are some three hundred temples within the city and also their floating market.

Who could go to Thailand and not try their traditional cuisines? Authentic Thai food is available for very reasonable prices. Don’t ever miss out on food like Phad Thai curry and kanom roti. If you’re feeling extra adventurous then try fried insects like scorpions, grasshoppers, beetles and crickets. Aside from the food, you can visit Bangkok’s lively nightlife. They are famous for the exhibition of wild tastes and needs. But people with other different tastes might want to walk along the beaches of Thailand, even at night they are such a beautiful sight to see. Find facts, go here.


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