Tradition And Modernity Meet In Bangkok


There should be no one who should miss the city of Bangkok. Tours around this place can make persons appreciate the colonial grace and comfort in these areas. You can sit in the mahogany corner in the east to feel what it looks like when these places existed back in tradition. There are several people who have so much things to do in Bangkok as their tour around the places of magnanimous culture and the religious influences of Buddhism.

Know the different Attractions in Bangkok. There are several temples around Bangkok and these tours should not be missed by every visitor. There are several ways for someone to enjoy the great city. Bangkok tours are among the best ways that you should go around. You always need help when you take yourself around through this city. Temples should be on top of your list and there is a place known as the Golden Buddha in Bangkok.

Legend has always told about this great place, that it has been influenced with Burmese invaders and the Buddha image has been covered totally in plaster for around two centuries. This Buddha has a distinct sitting position and it weights around five and a half tons and towers around 15 feet and nine inches, becoming the biggest golden Buddha statue in the world. To learn more about Bangkok, you can visit

The list for Bangkok tours should also include the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. This is among the widely visited landmark in Bangkok and this place has been known to be the residence of the kings of Thailand, formerly known as Siam, in the past. Emerald Buddha is located in the main atrium and has been lavishly ornamented with garments made of real gold. There are various sets of golden suits and changed by the King of Thailand exclusively depending on the seasons in Thailand.

Remember that since these palaces were royal residences, visitors are required to take the right clothing inside. Visitors cannot wear shorts, sleeveless shirts and sandals to preserve the sanctity of the place. There should be no open-ended shoes as well. There are trousers and sarongs available for rent by the entrance in the place for your needs to adhere to the regulations. You can also visit the place known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. This is home to several images of Buddha distinct from Bangkok temples and is considered to world’s largest Buddha image. View website to see more of these places.


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